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We dare not talk about this… Politicians dare not discuss it for fear of causing mass panic… North Sea oil and gas production peaked in 1999. The oil bonanza is over - the oil income spent. Britain is once again an energy importer. Worse still, we are increasingly dependent upon imports from the world’s trouble spots and hostile regimes - Libya, Nigeria, several Gulf States and Russia.Even worse, successive governments have failed to invest in new electricity generation; let alone a switch from petroleum-powered vehicles. What they have done is closed most of the coal-fired power stations and destroyed the UK coal industry.Just at the point where we - and our EU partners - need to import growing quantities of oil, we face growing competition from fast developing countries such as China and India.Add to these problems the fact that the oil exporting countries are using a growing proportion of their dwindling oil and gas production to grow their own economies, and you have the end of cheap, fossil fuel-based energy.Nobody can predict with any certainty what the world beyond cheap oil will be like. One of the problems with many of the peak-oilers is that they tend to talk about the consequences in apocalyptic terms, as if the entire world will come crashing down around our ears within months of oil production peaking. This is, perhaps, understandable when we consider that the early peak-oilers were oil industry insiders concerned that the world was sleep-walking to a potential catastrophe.One response to this – one I personally hold to – is that if you want to see what a world without cheap oil looks like, go and look out of your window (or look at a newspaper):* A million families using food banks is what a world without cheap oil looks like* The replacement of high-paid/high-skilled employment with low-paid/low-skilled jobs is what a world without cheap oil looks like* The inability of the developed economies to stimulate economic growth is what a world without cheap oil looks like* Governments’ (including those pursuing austerity policies) failure to avoid running up massive government debts is what a world without cheap oil looks like * The dramatic slowdown in the Chinese economy (which was meant to be the engine for global growth) is what a world without cheap oil looks like* The multi-trillion pound misallocation of funds to inflate asset bubbles and property speculation (because the real economy has gone into reverse) is what a world without cheap oil looks like.This is, of course, just the beginning. As supplies of cheap fossil fuels dwindle even as humanity's insatiable demand increases exponentially, our life-support systems will begin to fall apart, causing the biggest disaster to hit the UK since the Black Death!

  • Released: November 16, 2020
  • Author: Gene Basler
  • Rating: 4,9
  • Publisher: Ebook DIgital Agency
  • Total Page: 355 pages
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